Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sprouting report

Tanya helped me sow seed March 18. Now 5 and 1/2 weeks later I am happy to report the lettuce, onions, and spinach all came up successfully, but the 2004 and 2005 carrot seeds were not so lucky. Very few carrots germinated. This proves the point about using good seed. Old seed is for those who can't buy new seed.

The surprise in all this is the fact that the spinach seeds I planted early, before Justin tilled the garden, also came up. I now have a very random patch of spinach and a random patch of pole peas and bush peas. The peas I planted, before Justin tilled, also came up in the general vicinity of where I planted them but with a wild and free look to their placement. I should get enough peas to feed everyone I know and then some.

Neat rows needing to be thinned.

Random spinach results of tilling after planting

Neat rows of peas

The random, wildly tillled peas.


Today I transplanted the nasturtium and chard starts into the garden. Yesterday I tried starting the Mantis but could not get it to start so I used a shovel to dig weeds and scrape the top soil. Today I used the shovel to prepare the soil for planting the starts. The transplants were very delicate. I hope they survive.

I also planted one package of Chioggia Beets and a few Early Wonder Beets.

I'm feeling a little bit like a delicate transplant. Yesterday Sanford told me he was going to put the farm on the market by the end of the week. As I listen to the geese honking up by the pond and breathe in the fragrant beauty of spring on this 11 acres, my heart has wilted a little with the knowledge that I may be leaving my home at a time when it is at it's loveliest. I put my trust in God, hoping I'll take root and blossom where the Master Gardener places me. The joy of sowing has vanished as I anticipate the harvest going to strangers. Lord, restore my joy and let me find pleasure in the process. If the work I do should bless others, help me to offer that blessing without regret or selfish longing. Give me the grace to offer it wholeheartedly to your purpose and will. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.