Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peas in the Ground

January 17. 2009

This is the time to buy seeds. The Grange Co-op had their 50% off seed sale.
I bought:
3 packets of Territorial Seed Company Spinach seeds
1 SP778 Olympia Hybrid 5 gr
2 SP779 Regal Hybrid 5 gr
2 packets of Territorial Seed Company Swiss Chard seed
1 SW853 Bright Lights 3 gr
1 SW 851 Fordhook Giant 3 gr
3 packets TSC Green Bean seeds
1 BN020 Venture Bush BEans 1 oz
1 BN024 Royal Burgundy Bush Beans 1 oz
1 BN032 Blue Lake Pole Beans 1 oz
1 packet Lilly Miller Green Bean seed
1 Stringless Blue Lake, FM1K Pole Beans 70 gr
1 TSC Peas seed
PE624 Oregon Sugar PdII 1oz.
2 TSC Beets
1 BT130 Early wonder Tall Top 5 gr
1 BT135 Chioggia 5 gr
2 TSC Cucumber
1 CU308 Green Slam Hybrid 1 gr
1 CU315 Fountain Hybrid slicing cucumber 1 gr
1 TSC Lettuce LT389 super Gourmet Salad Blend 4 gr
1 TSC Pumpkins PU717 Howden 3 gr.
1 Lilly Miller Walla Walla Sweet Onion 1.5 gr.
1 Lilly Miller Giant Musselburg Leeks 1.5 gr.
3 Lilly Miller Flower seed
1 Nasturtium Trailing Single Mixed colors 3 gr.
1 Hollyhock Indian Spring Mix 500mg
1 Morning Glory Early Call mixed colors 1 gr.

A total of 21 packets of seeds for $23.91

February 21, 2009

I bought more peas seed today.

2 Lilly Miller Peas
1 Oregon Sugar Pod Peas 70 gr.
1 Pole Sugar SnapPeas 70 gr.
These seed were not on sale,
I paid full price for 2 packets, a total of $5.98

February 28, 200

Today I planted the peas seeds. I soaked the 2 packets of Lilly Miller seeds (Oregon Sugar Pod and Pole Sugar Snap) two nights ago, drained them in the morning and kept them moist until I planted them. Some seeds were already sprouting. I planted the TSC peas (Oregon Sugar Pod II) dry into the ground. I am thinking this is a way to stagger the harvest a little. It is an experiment to see which method does better. I planted the TSC Sugar Pod on one side of the south side of the row and the LM Sugar Pod on the north side of the row 8 - 12 inches apart.
The ground was wet but not muddy. I weeded the area with little effort, turned the soil by shovel, hoed a furrow in and outside the cucumber tepee, along one side of the bean fence, and on both sides of the tomato stakes. I planted all the seeds this morning. the forecast is for rain the next few days. This was so easy, I don't know why I haven't done this before.
I am hoping the peas will be through producing when I am ready to plant the beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.


Lynnea said...

mmm...nothing tastes better than fresh, home-grown peas, picked right off the vine.

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Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

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