Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Day of Spring

Since I attended a workshop all day Saturday, March 21, I don't think I will count yesterday as the first day of my spring vacation. For me, today is the first day of spring and the weather could not have been more typical of a Southern Oregon Spring Vacation day. This morning on my way to church the storm clouds hung low on the hills surrounding the valley. A few drops of rain and snow fell but it did not feel cold enough to go back inside for a warmer coat. By the time I reached Ashland the sun was peeping through the clouds reflecting brightly off the snow covered hills. During church service snow began falling again. After church service I drove to Medford through joyful sunshine. By the time I reached Medford it was sleeting. While sitting in a parking lot the sun came out and warmed up the inside of the car, then the clouds blew together and covered the sun while the wind rocked the car. When I got to Home Depot in Phoenix sleet was being driven through every crack in the outdoor gardening section. I walked back to my car with an umbrella hunched against the storm. When I got to my mother's home in Talent, a gentle snow was falling. It covered everything with a thin blanket of soft snow. Within 15 minutes the snow had all melted. I had just got inside my house when a strong wind pounded the house and shook the windows. The trees looked as if they would blow over. More sleet was blown against every inch of the house, scratching at the window panes. Now, all is quiet. The daffodils shine through the wet mist as a sun beam waves good night.

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Lynnea said...

oh, how fun, see, the weather never is so sporadic here.