Thursday, March 12, 2009

Never Count Your Peas Before They Sprout

This is what the garden looked like on Monday. This is a little patch I turned over by shovel where I planted some spinach seeds. I also had planted pea seeds along the row of fence stakes and to the left of this patch along the bean fence.

I was anxiously anticipating the sprouted peas to poke their delicate leaves above the ground. It had been almost two weeks since I had planted their already sprouted bodies into the crumbly, brown earth of my garden. I was so proud of myself for getting the seeds in before March, even though it was only one day before. I thought about the peas while at work Tuesday. I was sure the little plants would have pushed their way out of the dark earth, longing for the warmth and light of the sun that was shining warmly all day. The first thing I did when arriving home was head for the garden. My husband and son greeted me. Justin had come up while I was at work to surprise me. He brought Dave's tiller and worked the whole garden plot up. He even removed the teepee and tomato stakes so he could do a thorough job. He did not know about the little sprouts laying just under the surface. Of course, I could only smile and thank him for the job well done. What are a few sprouts when I have the whole plot worked into a beautiful bed of soft earth, not a weed in sight! Thank you, Justin.

I spent the rest of the afternoon going to Fred Meyers. They were having a sale on seeds, 50% off. Here is what I bought:
2 Lilly Miller Oregon sugar pod peas
2 Lilly Miller Pole Sugar Snap Peas
2 Ed Hume Roayl Family Sweet Peas
1 Ed Hume Little Sweetheart Dwarf Sweet Peas
1 Lilly Miller White Bunching Onion
2 LM Olympia Spinach
2 EH Baby Filet French Beans, Bush
1 LM Romano Pole Beans
2 6-pack of Strawberry Starts
4 4-pack Ruffle Mixed Pansies
2 4-pack Rocket Mix Snapdragons
3 Red Primroses
1 6-pack Violas
Total Cost = $38.79

Wednesday I Planted the strawberry plants in three different pots with the red primeroses in the largest pot with them. I mixed in compost and llama poop. I covered them with cardboard boxes because the temperature was expected to be in the twenties. I put the peas seeds and sweet peas seeds to soak overnight.

Today, Thursday, I planted the peas and watered the ground. Now the waiting begins all over again.

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Lynnea said...

oh my goodness, that a sweet boy he is to till the garden, but that's sad that the little peas never had a chance to sprout.